la dee da

I listen to a lot of music. Most of what I actively seek out are albums regarded as classics and are among the greatest albums of their genre, of their time, or of all time. But a lot of them are just albums that get a lot of buzz within the internet indie music-sphere.

To me, music is about more than having a sountrack to something, and even more than expressing a feeling. It can be a means of communicating insight to the human experience in a cool, idiosyncratic way that's also universal to one's culture.

Genres I enjoy the most are Classic Indie Rock, grimy east coast Hip-Hop, and Krautrock. Check out my RYM page for some of my album ratings and reviews.

I also make music. I have 12 years of piano repertoire and music theory training under my belt, with production and composition experience too. Below, you'll find some projects I've done.

Littler Steps

Project for my music theory class. Incorporates elements of classical and some jazz theory.

In The Hiways

This sample-heavy project is a blend of many genres, including jazz, shoegazing, new age, and noise.

Paper Towel

This is an experimental piece that got played professionally by Sirius String Quartet. Performers are instructed to play along guidelines and improvise rather than read notes on sheet music.